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About Us

It all started a long, long time ago…

Growing up in Maryland, we always had close options for family and friend getaways… In high school, our small core group of friends would take a couple vacations a year… We’d rent a vacation home at Deep Creek Lake and Ocean City in Maryland! In between those vacations, we’d visit the Shenandoah County area in Virginia. The memories of our fun times hanging out boating, skiing, biking, hiking, and laughing together have become a staple of why we decided to share our home-away-from-home with others! Everyone should get to experience memories that last a lifetime!

We graduate, move away, get careers, get married, have kids, etc. and we move on with life. Every once in awhile we get to reminisce and get nostalgic for “those” days! That’s what led us to buy our vacation place in Deep Creek Lake! It was our perfect family hideaway! A cabin-y feel with a huge deck overlooking the lake… BINGO! Our intention was to go as often as possible to “de-stress” and just relax from the everyday routine of life! We’ve had so much enjoyment doing all the things we did as “kids,” and more now, with kids of our own! Brad and I felt it was our turn to be the home that family and friends wanted to rent for their vacations! Our “Hilltop Hideaway” became a very popular rental at this four-season resort, so we decided to grow! This time we looked to “our” other favorite spot, Ocean City! We love to boat and kayak, so for us, the bayside made the most sense!  We found a great spot on the canal with a water view and shared dock space near playgrounds, restaurants, shopping, grocery, and blocks to the beach … PERFECT! “Down By The Bay” was born! Well, we got the short-term rental “Bug” and found our third “2nd home.” Of course, we chose the Shenandoah Valley area; near caverns and vineyards!  We found Bryce Resort by accident; and when a condo became available overlooking the ski, golf, and bike area… we were SOLD. We like to think of our Bryce condo as a romantic getaway… hence, “Bryce Bryce Baby.”

All three of our homes are very special to us and we try to do our best to make it a special and fun getaway for you too!

We’re happy to answer any questions about the homes or areas… Our email is We hope you make a million memories; and if our places help, our job here is done! 😊